Our Team

Meet the dedicated team driving the Africa-Irish Development Initiative, each member committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and empowerment within the community.

Introducing our Organizational Structure



Imma is a proactive professional with 20+ years of expertise in Management, Finance, Coaching, and Training, having excelled in various organizations, including a global online payment platform. Her exceptional interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, along with a keen eye for detail and deadline management, have driven her success. Imma is deeply committed to empowering individuals and unlocking team potential, particularly in areas of Community Development, Diversity & Inclusion, and Personal Growth. Her robust qualifications encompass management, finance, coaching, community development, and personal growth, equipping her to advocate for occupational health, environmental protection, and Sustainable Development Goals. She excels as a project and team manager, showcasing astute leadership and collaborative skills.
Executive Secretary/Project Director/Founder

Zephrynus Okechi, IKEH

Zephrynus, also known as "Zeph," is dedicated to sustainable business development and is the visionary founder of The Africa-Irish Development Initiative (AIDI) and Black & Africa History Month Ireland (BHMI/AHMI). He envisions strong leadership by collaborating with various sectors for national and global business sustainability, emphasizing activism, cultural heritage, and environmental protection while considering Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Zeph has served in leadership roles within organizations like Rotary International and Nigerians in Diaspora Europe (NIDOE), working internationally on MDGs, youth development, and social issues. He advocates for enterprise and community development, as well as cultural and racial equality, demonstrating a commitment to innovative strategies for business success, poverty eradication, and climate resilience. Holding double Masters Degrees and pursuing a PhD, he's an entrepreneur and advocate for impactful change.     

Richard GIBNEY 

  An award-winning fiction writer, Richard Gibney’s work has appeared over the years on RTE Radio One’s short story season and in various anthologies. Richard is the former editor of the now defunct Yeah! International Student Magazine, Richard is a full-time editor of mostly fiction and is social media manager for a number of clients. He is a lifelong resident of Dublin, Ireland. He brings on board network marketing and fundraising skills acquired from All Communication Networks. His vast experience across variety of organisations serves as a vital asset to the vision of AIDI.  


Brian Bermingham is a former politician and former Cork City Council member. He was the Lord Mayor of Cork in 2008 - 2009 when Black & African History Month Ireland was initiated. He was one of the funders of the first Black History Month in Ireland with his Ward vote in 2010 in Cork. During the inaugural event in 2010 he planned to use his office as the Lord Mayor to bring the first Lady African President of Liberia, Ellen Sarlif Johnson to Cork for an award of the Freedom of the City. He has support the organisations since then in every aspect of the journey. He was a committee member of Cork Vocational Education Council and a member of Cork Library Board.  

Jeranjie KAMFOSE

  Jeranjie is an ambassador of AIDI, Able Foundation and Global Goodwill. She is the co-founder and CEO of Dyslexia Malawi – Able Foundation, and a member of international Dyslexia Association. She studied at Eden College in Dublin. She was the program planning coordinator of BHMI. She is an Educator, critical thinker, and change maker. Very Passionate about raising awareness of Dyslexia and Special needs education and anti-racism.  
Director Multiculturalism 


  Ken is an experienced GAA from childhood grew up in north Dublin to his current time as international officer for sports Against Racism Ireland. His father’s huge interest in soccer, boxing and hurling is described as influencing his interest in global sport and global issues, while maintaining his connection with his local community. His hope for the future for the organisation is for inclusion of all ethnic, religious, and political groups both within and without the boundaries of Ireland. He has a track of record with refugees, Youth development in sports, and mentoring and integration program. Ken is very passionate about the topics of inclusion, multiculturalism and equality. He has a lot to bring towards enriching the project which Africa-Irish Development Initiative is accredited with. Ken has passion for youth development and he will be bringing along his wealth of experience in the field of volunteerism and youth exchange. He also has experience in working with vulnerable people, in refugees and asylum seekers. 

Our Collaborators

  AIDI is affiliated with the following Irish and European institutions, organizations and agencies:  


  • The Wheel ·   New Communities Partnership ·         National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) ·         Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland ·         Irish Network of Anti-Racism ·         Leargas        Eco Unesco ·         Cork City Council ·         Dublin City Council ·         Fingal County Council ·         University College Cork ·         University College Dublin ·         The African Diplomatic Corps in Ireland ·         The Irish Aids - Africa Unit   


·         Europe Network of Anti-Racism (ENAR) ·         European Parliament/Commission in Ireland ·         Erasmus+ ·         SALTO-YOUTH  .
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